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Bargeboard and Beams

This single shotgun is a bungalow style house in New Orleans, which is a distinct representation of New Orleans architectural history located in the historic Holy Cross district of the Lower 9th Ward. In the 1800s bargeboard flat bottomed boats were floated down the Mississippi River with supplies and people destined for New Orleans. These were disassembled and became houses for the working class people. On this house, we exposed the original finished bargeboard walls while stabilizing and strengthening the structure with 6x6 posts and beams crafted using timber frame joinery from locally sourced Cypress.

We will add a camelback addition to the house, maximizing the use of the three bedroom addition for rentals focused on affordable housing, while keeping the historic look. This addition will increase the size of the house from 1100 to 1800 sq. ft. Ideally the base level of the house will be used for office and business operations and encourage the use of it as a gathering and exhibition space for the community. 

We will introduce sustainability and resiliency features including a living wall, geothermal climate control (GCC), PV solar and battery bank, rainwater harvest, and urban farming. All of these features form the foundation of our business, Alansons Development LLC, and this project serves as a template of research and development aligned with green technology design principles.

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